September 27: COVID-19 Update

The Leadership team would like to thank all members of the community for the ongoing support and patience. We have received the last outstanding test results from last week’s testing and are happy to report no new resident or team member positive COVID-19 results. This concludes the second week of outbreak testing, with all negative resident and team member results and there have been no new on-set COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days within the terrace level.

As a result, The Culpeper will reopen for visitation on terrace level, as of Tuesday, September 28th at 9 a.m. Please remain diligent in your mask use, social distancing, and hand hygiene. We ask anyone who has an active illness, or symptoms not to visit. The leadership team requests that visitors notify The Culpeper immediately if they become suspicious of having COVID-19 and have visited The Culpeper within the last 14 days prior to coming into contact with or being suspected of having contact with COVID-19.

Detailed visitation guidelines will be available at the main entrance of the community upon entry.

This change in visitation will allow residents to visit throughout different levels of care within the community. Communal dining and activities will resume for terrace level; however, visitors are not permitted to participate with residents at this time within terrace level. Full contact isolation procedures have been discontinued however droplet precautions are still being followed.

Baseline testing will now resume. All unvaccinated team members will continue to be tested twice a week. This testing cadence is set by the Department of Health and is dependent upon Culpeper County’s community transmission rate.  Going forward, we will continue to keep you posted about any new positive cases or necessary changes in protocol.

The Culpeper’s team urges all residents and team members to remain vigilant regarding mask-wearing, social distancing, and proper hand hygiene.

Check the COVID-19 communications hub at for up to date communications. Questions or concerns may be submitted via email at [email protected] or 540-825-2411.