November 18: COVID-19 Update

The Culpeper team has received news of the most recent positivity rate for Culpeper County, which has significantly increased. The rate is up from 5.7% last week to 20.1% this week. Due to the county’s high positivity rate, and in consultation with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), The Culpeper’s team reevaluated all in-room visitation and Thanksgiving Day plans. We are sorry to say, at this time, residents will not be allowed in-room visitations. Zoom, Skype and window visits will continue with appropriate reservations.

Also, at the recommendation of VDH, the previously planned Thanksgiving meal opportunity for families will not take place. Sadly, families are not able to join their loved ones for the holiday meal. Please be reassured that all residents will still enjoy a special Thanksgiving meal, gratitude gift and activities for their enjoyment.

The Culpeper team continues to discourage community outings other than essential medical appointments. Based on the county rate being significantly high, we strongly urge careful thought and consideration to off-campus holiday celebrations/gatherings. Should a resident choose to leave the community for a holiday gathering, the resident will be quarantined for seven days upon return to the community, with testing on day eight. The quarantine will continue until negative test results are received.

The current positivity rate also increases the need for team member testing within the healthcare center due to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guideline. Team members will now undergo twice-weekly testing until the positivity rate decreases to below 10%. Public health officials evaluate the positivity rate each week. Although the positivity rate is high, all residents are asymptomatic at this time.

The Culpeper team follows the standard safety precautions to include mask use, proper hand hygiene and social distancing of six feet, whenever possible. Together, the extended Culpeper family has worked hard to manage the challenging pandemic and will make every effort to keep residents, team members and families safe. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks again for the support and prayers as we continue our efforts toward keeping residents healthy.