Phase Two Re-opening: COVID-19 Update

The Culpeper’s less restrictive guidelines with regard to COVID-19 began on June 11. Most importantly, The Culpeper continues to remain fortunate enough to have zero confirmed positive cases among residents and staff due to the diligence in protecting the community.

All Main Building Residents:

• As the main building houses the licensed areas, visitors and cottage residents will continue to be restricted at this time.
• If going off campus for an essential medical appointment and  the resident follows community guidelines, residents will not be required to quarantine upon return.  If residents go into the greater Culpeper community, they have a mandated14-day quarantine period upon return to limit exposure to all other residents and staff. Please be reminded, although this is difficult, it is necessary to ensure all residents remain as safe as possible.
• Outdoor activities and outdoor dining events will begin with proper social distancing and scheduled allotted times. Updated calendars outlining the weekly outdoor events will be distributed by Resident Services. Indoor activities and communal dining remain restricted.

Cottage Residents:

• Although going into the community is discouraged, all cottage residents are now permitted to go out to essential appointments or into the community if needed, with no quarantine to the cottage upon return. Cottage residents are encouraged to continue using the grocery and pick up services provided in-house to limit trips. Again, the main building will continue to restrict visitors, including cottage residents, until further notice.
• Cottage residents may have outside guests and other cottage visitors up to four people total within their cottages. Please continue safe practices including six-feet social distancing, use of masks and sanitizing hands.
• Weekly housekeeping services will resume soon. More information and cleaning schedules to be provided. The maintenance team will also now be allowed, at resident discretion, into cottages for any routine or maintenance needs. Residents should enter requests with the receptionist during daily check-in calls or throughout the day over the phone.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to work hard to aggressively protect residents while allowing as much flexibility and return to normalcy as possible. This truly is a balancing act between protection and normalcy. As always, call The Culpeper’s Executive Director Jim Jacobsen with any questions or concerns at 540-825-2411.