January 18: COVID-19 Update

On January 18, The Culpeper’s management team learned that four team members tested positive for COVID-19 as a result of baseline testing conducted on January 14. Two of the team members are direct care providers who work in the long-term healthcare center, the third team member is a non-direct care provider who works in long-term healthcare center and the fourth team member is a non-direct care provider who works with residents in all levels of care.  All team members are quarantining at home until the return-to-work criteria are met per Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

On January 17, the team became aware of two residents who tested positive for COVID-19. Both residents live in assisted living and are quarantining currently.

Contact tracing has been completed. Any residents or team members who were identified as having close contact with either the positive residents or team members were contacted directly.

On a separate note, a non-direct care team member who works in the long-term healthcare center tested positive for COVID-19 at a local rapid testing site on January 15. The team member did not have close contact with any residents, but another non-direct care team member was identified during contact tracing. Both team members are quarantining at home until return-to-work criteria are met per VDH.

All healthcare center team members are being tested today and all team members and all residents, in all levels of care, will be re-tested on January 21. The management team will report any positive cases once the results are returned.

Residents continue to quarantine in the long-term healthcare center, assisted living and memory support neighborhoods. Communal dining and activities are suspended throughout the community. Visitation remains suspended for all residents in the main building. Team members are available to assist with phone calls with loved ones, use of Zoom, Skype and window visits weather permitting. Independent living cottage residents are not permitted into the main building until further notice.

Please continue wearing masks covering the nose and mouth, socially distance and practice proper hand hygiene. Consistent adherence to proper infection control is essential.