Re-opening of Visitation for Memory Support

The Culpeper’s leadership team is excited to share that the most recent round of baseline testing concluded with all negative results. There have been no new-onset COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days in the community. As a result, effective Monday, March 1, The Culpeper will now resume visitation for memory support residents and families.

Detailed visitation guidelines will be available at the main entrance of the community upon entry. As the weather improves, The Culpeper leadership team continues to encourage outdoor visitation when possible to reduce the risk of transmission.

The Culpeper’s team will accommodate and support indoor visitation, based on the following guidelines as previously shared. Please keep the following important information in mind:

• Visits will be limited to no more than two visitors at a time and will be limited to a maximum of two hours. As a reminder, all visitation will occur 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., seven days a week. Visitors must be over the age of 16.
• Visitor movement in the community will be limited. Visitors will be required to go directly to the resident room/apartment. The use of common areas will be restricted at this time. Visitors will need to immediately exit the community once visitation is complete.
• All visitors must be screened and logged-in at the main entrance. Those who are experiencing any signs or symptoms of illness should refrain from visitation.
• All visitors are expected to adhere to mandatory mask use and social distancing guidelines.

Visitors are not permitted to participate in communal dining or activities with residents at this time. Again, those who are experiencing signs or symptoms of illness should not
visit. The leadership team requests that visitors notify The Culpeper immediately if they become suspicious of having COVID-19 and have visited in the 14 days prior to coming into contact or suspected contact with COVID-19.

It is very important that infection control precautions continue to be followed even if the visitor and/or the resident have received the vaccine. It is still unclear if a vaccinated individual can transmit COVID-19 or if the vaccine covers the different variants of the virus. As such, residents and team members are urged to remain vigilant. The Culpeper’s team is very excited about the in-person reconnection between residents and their loved ones. Preventing virus transmission through these precautions will allow visitation to continue.