July 26th COVID Baseline Testing Update

The second round of baseline testing for all team members and residents in health care was completed on July 21. A total of 113 tests were completed on 43 residents and 70 team members. All resident results have been returned negative once again. Of those tested, one team member, who works in laundry has tested positive. Management conducted a detailed contact tracing process to determine who this team member has had recent close contact with, and it was determined this team member had no recent close contact with residents. The Culpeper management team has notified community members about possible exposure and has been in touch with Virginia Department of Health. The team member is self-quarantining at home, and we expect a full recovery. No residents at The Culpeper have tested positive for COVID-19 throughout both series of baseline testing but the health of all residents continues to be closely monitored.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Questions may be submitted via email at [email protected] or 540-825-2411.